Green and environmental


Owners, Architects, Engineers turn to clay brick when they want a material that is durable, low maintenance and flexible.

Clay brick is at the forefront of green building.  It is energy efficient, produces minimal waste, and can be recycled. 

Clay brick products offer superior protection against the elements, outside noise, fire, and structural failures that occur over time.  Clay brick does not support mold growth, rot or dent as other housing materials, but remains durable through all climate conditions.

With proper installation, clay brick is considered maintenance free and a good investment, adding on great resale value.  Clay brick products are environmentally friendly in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving waste management. Clay brick products provide healthier living conditions and will cut energy cost through consistent thermal mass, making it more economical to heat and cool buildings.

Clay brick products provide owners, architects, engineers and others with an attractive, durable, naturally made building material that is the forefront of Sustainable Building Communities.

Clay Brick - natural sustainability in design and construction

Clay Brick – natural sustainability in design and construction

The building and construction industry uses three billion tons of raw materials annually